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Server-Based Product Version

DiskBoss Server is a server-based product version, which runs in the background as a service and is capable of executing all types of disk space analysis and file management operations in a fully automatic and unattended mode.

DiskBoss Server may be managed and configured locally or through the network using a freeware network client GUI application, the DiskBoss command line utility or the DiskBoss Server API, which may be used to integrate DiskBoss' disk analysis and file management capabilities into other products and solutions.

The DiskBoss Client GUI application is very similar to the main DiskBoss GUI application providing standard dialogs for all types of files management operations supported by DiskBoss. The client GUI application allows one to connect to a DiskBoss server locally or through the network, add, edit or delete disk space analysis or file management commands, control running operations and manage the server configuration options. In addition, the client GUI application provides the ability to export disk space analysis commands defined and tested in the regular DiskBoss GUI application to the XML format and import these commands to DiskBoss Server for automatic execution in the background.

DiskBoss Server provides a large number of disk analysis and file management operations including disk space utilization analysis, file classification, duplicate files detection and removal, file search, file organizing, file synchronization, file copy, file delete, disk change monitoring and file integrity monitoring.

The user is provided with the ability to pre-configure a number of disk space analysis and/or file management operations as user-defined commands and then execute these commands manually, schedule periodic execution of one of more commands or trigger disk space analysis or file management operations automatically based on user-specified conditions and/or detected file system activities.

In order to add a user-defined disk space analysis or file management command, press the 'Add' button located on the main toolbar, select a command type, enter a unique command name, enter one or more disks, directories or network shares to process and press the 'Save' button.

Each type of disk analysis or file management operation provides it's own set of advanced options allowing one to configure and customize each specific command for user-specific needs. In order to configure a user-defined command, select the command, press the right mouse button and select the 'Edit Command' menu item.