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DiskBoss is an automated, rule-based data management solution allowing one to perform disk space utilization analysis, file classification, duplicate files search and cleanup, high-speed file synchronization and data migration, bulk file delete and secure data wiping, disk change monitoring, automated, policy-based file management and much more.

26-Jan-2015 - DiskBoss v5.2 adds advanced network discovery capabilities allowing one to search network servers and NAS storage devices, discover all accessible network shares and analyze disk space usage in hundreds of servers and NAS storage devices. In addition, the new product version adds file management command groups, file synchronization logs, file organizing logs, improves the main DiskBoss GUI application and fixes a number of bugs.
11-Dec-2014 - DiskBoss v5.1 adds secure file synchronization operations allowing one to synchronize files between servers without using network shares while encrypting and compressing transferred files on-the-fly. In addition, the new version adds active memory usage protection limiting usage of the system memory when analyzing huge file systems containing tens and hundreds of millions of files.
20-Nov-2014 - DiskBoss v5.0 adds built-in disk performance benchmarking capabilities allowing one to test sequential write, sequential read, random write and random read performance of mechanical hard drives, SSD disks, USB disks and NAS storage devices. In addition, the new product version improves the main DiskBoss GUI application, improves user-defined file management commands, improves the DiskBoss command line utility and fixes a number of bugs.